Headless Rite Before Bed

Few things in life are more frustrating than not being able to get to sleep. Sleep is everything! At least, it sure seems like it when you aren’t getting enough. Usually, I fall asleep in a reasonable amount of time. When I can’t get to sleep though I get really frustrated. Why? Because I often …

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Programmer's Bookshelf

Fizz Buzz in Python 3

I got home today from my day job slinging SQL code with a small project in mind. Thought I would take a crack at Fizz Buzz in Python 3 after coming across an article by John Sonmez at Simple Programmer. Though I am pretty sure I originally saw it at Jeff Atwood’s blog Coding Horror …

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Geometry, Chi, & Magick

About 5 minutes ago I was in meditation. Asking for my next step I get the nudge to write about mathematics, or more specifically, geometry in meditation. So here I am. For decades the tesseract as drawn on paper has fascinated me. Here’s a video I found which has some mind boggling animation to ponder. …

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